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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Original Empire Dresses and Jumpsuits Available From Style Source

Style Source Inc was formed when Gee Kay Knit Products closed in February of 2002. We continue to manufacture two of the most popular styles Gee Kay made, the 77 empire dress and the 93 oversized jumpsuit. Dharma Trading Company is now offering imported styles as an option for those wanting the same styling but at better pricing. You can still buy our original styles from Dharma, and we encourage you to evaluate sizing consistancy, sewing construction quality, shrinkage values and dyeability to determine which products are best for your application. The products we produce are maintained at the highest possible level of consistancy.
Sometimes it is not wise to fool with a proven product, and Style Source has chosen to maintain the exact same product year after year. Dharma Trading Inc decision to offer a less expensive substitute for the 77 and 93 may make economic sense for them, but for those of you who want the traditional empire dress and oversized jumpsuit you may vote for them by continuing your loyal purchasing habits.

If you have tried Dharmas new "replacement products" please do share with us your comments by posting them to this blog.