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Friday, December 08, 2006


Those of you who know Heathers story also know she has maintained a high motivation level towards "giving back" to research for a cure for blood born cancers. When she went in for her bone marrow transplant she was already talking about participating in the Dublin Ireland marathon the following year. Doctors humored her, and many encouraged the idea with the underlying presumption that haveing a goal is important but this would never happen. WRONG!

Not only has Heathers recovery been record setting but she began training 9 months after the procedure and in late October we flew to Dublin. There were over 12,000 participants and most were runners. Heather walks, but really, really fast. She completed the marathon in 5 hours and 42 minutes, averageing the 26.2 miles in 13 minute miles. She placed 6,912 , besting many runners.

We spent an extra week touring southern Ireland, from Dublin to Cork to Galway. It is an exquisitely beautifull country with every town haveing equal charm and not a friggin shopping mall in sight. There is something to be said for a total absence of moderninity. The exchange rate was dreadfull and the cuisine most basic, but the trip was a success in both reaching a life goal and setting yet another standard for what determination, perseverance and a positive attitude can acheive.