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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is now the time to start a clothing line?

This question has been asked of me three times in the past two weeks, so I will assume that if you are considering custom apparel manufacturing you are asking yourself the same question. My answer is always consistant, as it comes in the form of a question back to the inquiring mind. Do YOU feel that the time is right? Are you prepared? Have you written a business plan? Have you researched your potential competition and differentiated your product so it stands out in the market? Do you know the fabrics you wish to use, their fiber content, their construction and their weight? The time to start a custom private label apparel line is when you feel ready. In my opinion, the economy has little to do with the initial success. You will find success through an incredible drive, energy, motivation, and perseverance. Starting up requires a gradual momentum build, based on advertising and distribution strategies. Profitability takes time, usually 14-16 months, so who knows whether the economy will be in the doldrums or on a huge upswing a year and a half from now? Maybe with a slow economy you will have more time to sweat the details, to iron out the kinks and to ready yourself for the next plateau! I can readily say that mills and factories are quieter, so that translates to faster turn times and possibly to a bit more attention from players who ordinarily might shy away from startup situations. As for Style Source Inc, we are always ready to assist companies seeking private label apparel manufacturing, pattern making, sample development and fabric sourcing.