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Monday, June 08, 2009

Custom Import Apparel

Our import division is the fastest growing segment of our business. As much as we prefer to manufacture garments domestically we cannot ignore the advantages to importing custom apparel. The higher the value added, and the higher the amount of labor, the more sense it makes to import. The bottom line is that you are competing in a marketplace that is saturated with low cost import apparel, and to penetrate you must not only have the styling, the fabrics, the colors and the graphics customers want but you must compete on price. Typically, for a mid labor intensive garment with some value added graphics (embroidery, screen printed, patches etc) you can buy 5 import garments for the price of 3 domestically produced. With higher labor/value added that can change to 6 imported garments for the price of 3 domestically made. More importantly, the methods employed overseas include many hand labor applications that simply cannot be done domestically due to prohibited labor costs. This translates to signifigantly greater capabilities overseas with decorating and decorative stitching techniques.

If you are entertaining the thought of starting an apparel line then you may wish to weigh the possibility of custom manufactured imported apparel versus domestically made custom apparel. We can help you weigh the pluses and minuses and assist you either way. Our import division simplifies the task of getting a quality made garment to your specifications landed and delivered to your door!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hot Trends in Import Apparel

Our import division has been seeing a discernable uptick in business over the past 6 months, despite the economic turmoil. Leading the way is polo shirts and polo derivatives. With workplace attire moving towards casual and lifestyle branding catching fire, polos make the perfect customizeable statement. Our resources make for the best names in golf, and our long standing relationships make the process of fully customized wearing apparel simple. Customers simply provide the artwork for labels, custom neck and vent taping, buttons, and logos, provide direction for fit and fabric type, and we are off and running. The most popular fabrics are a 40/2 6 ounce pique (the plied yarn makes it incredibly smooth and consistant) and we find bamboo blends to be coming on strong. Bamboo imparts natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, and, when combined with organic cotton, adds to the sustainable/organic movement story. A bit of spandex is often used, in either fabric, to impart added mobility/recovery.

If you are seeking a reliable, consistant, quality supplier for custom private label import apparel you are home. Style Source facilitates every aspect of the process, from development to samples to manufacturing, logistics and quality control. We will quote you (in most instances) a landed, duty paid, delivered to your door price (excluding freight). If you wish to use our LDP pricing, we will set you up with our customs broker, who, along with us, will manage all transportation scheduling, paperwork, duties, tarrifs, fees, and customs declarations. You only need to review and approve samples, place your order, and receive the goods.