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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Custom Apparel Manufacturer

Custom apparel manufacturing is what we do! From your specs we produce custom apparel. We utilize either our 100% cotton stock fabrics or can source virtually any fabric for custom apparel manufacturing. Visit our website to view the catagories of garmensts we service at . For a list of information we require to start go to Our website is full of information, whether the garments are pre-made, sourced overseas, or manufactured to specifications. Give us a call for all of your custom apparel manufacturing needs.

Private Label Garment Manufacturing

Many customers call to inquire about private label apparel. Some want to put their label on existing garments (private labeling commodity garments) while others want to have their own "private label" sewn in during manufacturing. Style Source will provide either service. We buy manufacturer brand products ( ) , remove existing labels and sew in customer labels. This is primarily done for customers who wish to print or embroider the garments (services we also provide). Often, when logo or graphics driven, it is the art that sells the shirt, and this approach requires much lower minimums and is less expensive than custom private label apparel. For customers who want products that are not commonly found due to shape, structure or fabric type we offer full package custom apparel to customer specifications with private labeling as an option. Custom apparel manufacturing for short runs is typically more expensive, as the costs to develop, sample, custom color and assemble short runs is inefficient. However, it does provide value added that may offer opportunity to reach markets that allow higher pricing.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dharma Decides to Continue Original Styles!

After a few months of feedback Dharma has decided to take the "classic coke" path by offering both Style Sources original styles and the clone imports. This makes for the best of both worlds. Those customers highly cost sensitive may purchase the import items and those who find our durability, uniformity and consistancy worth the extra expense may purchase the original empire dresses (style 77) and rompers (style 19) . We thank our partners at Dharma for realizing that cheaper is not always better, and we thank our customers for providing enough input to them to help them make the decision.

Golf Outing Raising Funds for Leukemia Research

On August 25th we will be sponsoring a golf tournament at Olde Homestead Golf Course in New Tripoli PA to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Heather plans on walking the Team in Training Dublin Marathon in October and we will be donating the funds to the LLS in her name to sponsor her efforts. Those of you who know Heather remember the difficulties she has endured with three relapses and her eventual bone marrow transplant. It is a fact that every 5 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood borne cancer, and every 8 minutes someone dies from one. Our son, Aarons, good friend, Adam Wolk, died at the age of 18, just before high school graduation, from leukemia, and we are memorializing him with thes outing.

Anyone interested in participating, donating gifts to be used as raffle or door prizes, or wishing to sponsor one of the many events please contact for a brochure and sign up sheet.